Today a reader writes:

Dear Diva, We just renovated our kitchen and I am choosing new appliances.  I like the fridge from one brand and the stove from another, is that okay?  Or should all of the new appliances be from the same brand so that I have matching appliances?

Unless you’re looking at gourmet appliances, I usually suggest that all the appliances are from the same brand, especially if you’re going to be selling your house soon.  While others may suggest you keep to the same color, I suggest sticking with the same brand instead because it will keep your appliances looking uniform and be will considered more in line with the idea of matching appliances based on them coming from the same manufacturer.

What I mean by this is that some brands have more contemporary or angular looks than others. Having them all the same color or finish does help, but the same brand would be better in the long haul for the reasons described above.

Matching Appliances

For example, LG appliances are typically square with square controls whereas some Maytag or Whirlpool appliances have rounded or circular controls. In my opinion, mixing up these two types of appliances would look funny.  Obviously if you’re just replacing one appliance at a time, this is doomed to happen anyways.

But if you’re starting over from scratch, you might as well make as much of a cohesive look as you can. This will help appeal to home buyers when it comes to selling your house, because you can advertise all brand new “insert brand here” appliances. And when your home is on the market, a cohesive feel helps.

So why don’t gourmet appliances have to be matched then? Well, because some gourmet appliance brands only make one style of appliance.  For example Sub Zero is known for great refrigerators while Wolf is known for their cooking appliances.  These brands are actually connected, but they will have different labels attached to each of them. Also when you’re spending that much on an appliance in the first place, your marketing the ownership of gourmet appliances and using the included gourmet brand(s) to lure in potential buyers during a home sale.

No matter what brand of appliances you get, keep in mind style and color will help unify your kitchen.  Also opting for the same brand will add a more cohesive look to your space.

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Written by Amanda Hartley