The most frequently asked question I receive is about how to choose the ‘right’ kitchen countertop color. Followed by how to choose cabinets and flooring to match it. Considering how expensive new countertops and kitchen remodels in general are, it’s no surprise that this is the question that plagues most home owners. And no matter how many times I get this question, I’m never snarky or cranky about it. Because the fact of the matter is, I’ve been there myself and I know how hard that decision can be. However, when it came to picking out the items for my own home, I had an unfair advantage – I’ve worked in the field long enough to know what I like and what colors and materials work well together. But unlike me, most people can’t walk into a store and imagine what the products they like from the showroom will look like in their own kitchen. So they do the smart thing, and take home samples. Unfortunately for them, the samples provided are so small, that they really can’t imagine what the products will like look in their home. At least, that used to be the way things worked before Mega Swatch.

Luckily now with Mega Swatch, you can actually purchase large enough samples to help you decide on which color countertop, kitchen cabinets or wood flooring to get. This means you no longer have to guess, hope and pray that the colors you choose will actually look good installed in your kitchen. In a manner of speaking, Mega Swatch is sort of like the Cliff Notes (or Spark Notes) of kitchen remodels. Because instead of reading all the way through to find out what happened in the end, you get to gloss over the beginning and middle, jumping to the end so you can enjoy a glimpse of the final product. Because of that, this product has become my new favorite home makeover product! Honestly, I think Mega Swatch is the best thing since sliced bread!

You might think I’m being a little overly dramatic here, but in my business, anything that helps homeowners make an informed decision is a good thing. Especially, when it translates into less guesswork and tears. So how does Mega Swatch make choosing a new countertop, cabinets or flooring easier? They make giant photographic images of the most popular colors! That’s right, say goodbye to those teeny tiny swatch samples! Mega Swatch is large enough to really give you an idea of how something will look in your home, before you invest thousands of dollars in a kitchen remodel. Check out the image below to get a clearer idea as to what I’m talking about:

Mega Swatch

Did you notice how big those samples are? If you’ve ever tried covering the same area with actual granite or wood flooring samples, you’d probably need to get all the samples the showroom had available (and then some). Not to mention, a lot of showrooms don’t even have samples of cabinet doors, so you might just be out of luck on that one. This is just one of the many reasons I’m loving the concept behind Mega Swatch so much. I mean, just look at the clarity of those swatches! You won’t find anything that large at a kitchen showroom. Plus, those swatches look so realistic.

In the picture above I could have taped down the edge on the granite so it wrapped my countertop edge perfectly, but I opted instead to leave it sort of loose so the edge would be more visible in the photo.  I also chose to put the wood flooring swatch going in the same direction as my actual wood floor, instead of turning it towards the other direction. Taking this approach meant I lost a little bit of the width, but it extended the length out further. These are all small things that you can tweak and play with as you place the samples.

In the photo below, I swapped out the granite and the flooring swatches to show you how easily you can switch out new swatches and how dramatic the change can be. In hindsight, I should have also switched out the cabinet swatch, but I liked the color and stuck with it for the photos.

Different Options of Mega Swatch

Swatches used in the review

The Granite Mega Swatches I used were 20″ x 27″ in size. They can be purchased individually or in different color kits. An individual swatch is only $1.99 each. And since you aren’t forced to purchase a kit, if you wanted to purchase more than one of the same color, you can. This would be great for anyone who is mostly sure of the color they want, but would like to see an even bigger section of it on their countertop. If you’re unsure of which color you’d like on your countertop, than I would recommend ordering a kit. You can order a budget kit of the most popular 10 styles for $24.99.  Kits also come in a few different options based on whether you are looking for a countertop that is Exotic, Light or Dark colored. One thing I should also mention is while most of the choices are granite colors, there are a few Marble swatches as well. There are a total of 35 different granite and marble colors to choose from.

The Cabinet Front Mega Swatches I used were 24″ x 37″ in size. They can also be purchased individually or in a kit. An individual swatch is also only $1.99 each. There are a total of 10 different cabinet swatches. While this doesn’t cover every possible cabinet glaze or painted color option available, it does cover a wide range of wood tones, and includes white, almond and black. The cabinet front kit is affordable at only $24.99 and is great if you have no idea what color cabinets you are seeking. Individual Cabinet Front Swatches are also an awesome option if you are stuck on 2 or more colors and aren’t sure which one to choose. Having that large swatch to look at in your own kitchen might just be the tie-breaker you need.

The Hardwood Flooring Mega Swatches I used were 23″ x 31″ in size. They can also be purchased individually or in a kit. An individual swatch is only $2.49. While this is slightly more expensive than the others, I think it’s worth it because they are double-sided and come in both the white oak and red oak stained version of the wood color. This is like getting two swatches in one. There are 15 different hardwood flooring swatches to choose from. And for anyone stuck choosing between similarly stained wood flooring swatches, this could be a real time-saver. Seeing the flooring swatches in your own home at a size that doesn’t require a magnifying glass or over-extending the limits of your imagination could be just the help you need to get your project going.

In Conclusion

With all these options and colors, you can see why Mega Swatch is my new favorite home makeover product. You can also see why I think it’s going to take a lot of the guesswork out of deciding on the ‘perfect’ countertop/cabinet/flooring for your kitchen. Just about the only problem I can see with Mega Swatch is that you’re limited to only the most popular granite and marble countertops, and that countertop swatches aren’t available in quartz or any other type of countertop. That said, there is nothing that says you can’t choose a color of granite or marble and take it into the show room to find something similar in color/tone in a different material. While the pattern or texture would be different, having a large color representation could still be better than just ‘winging it’ with a small sample.

Another concern I know some of my readers may have is that you have to pay for the swatches. Especially considering a lot of kitchen showrooms give you samples to check out and take home free of cost. But I’d like to point out, that there are a lot of places that do indeed ask you to pay for a sample. I know I paid for my tiny sample of Quartz so that I could bring a sample home to show my family. I’d also like to point out that the price of Mega Swatch is very reasonable, especially when you can consider how much money you’re spending for your kitchen makeover overall. For example, if the average price for new granite countertops is $5,000, wouldn’t it be wise to spend a few bucks on usable color swatches to make sure you were getting a color that matches your kitchen? Even if you spent the $99 for the biggest designer pack of granite Mega Swatches, isn’t that money well spent if it meant you were confident in your choice? I certainly think it’s a wise investment in your future kitchen remodel.

Disclosure: The product in this review was provided by Mega Swatch, however this is NOT a paid review by any means and our findings with Mega Swatch are unbiased and authentic.

Written by Amanda Hartley