Mother of Pearl Aphrodite Veneer

Today Stan writes:

I am hopeful you can offer me some thoughts here. After going back and forth with my wife, I am trying to determine exactly what the best approach to dealing with our main wall in the bedroom. My wife has already ruled out the idea of wallpaper designs or even paint. What else is there? I mean, she says that she wants something with seashells but I am just not clear what kind of wall treatment could help here? Any ideas I may have missed? Thanks.

Well Stan, I think I might have a product in mind that will not only meet with your need to get your wife’s wall project completed, but may even do so without too much extra work. Now assuming that we are talking about a focal point in the bedroom, not all the walls, have you considered getting creative with a Veneer?

Mother of Pearl Aphrodite Veneer

I realize this sounds a bit odd, but if you’re willing to take a look at something called Mother of Pearl Aphrodite Veneer from Maya Romanoff, you might be able to get that wall setup with some great visual interest.

So what is Mother of Pearl Aphrodite Veneer?

The idea of Mother of Pearl Aphrodite Veneer comes from the idea of turning something boring and creating visual interest with a seashell sort of feel. Not to be confused with images of or the color of seashells only, Mother of Pearl Aphrodite Veneer is actually layered with rounded shells. Provided in a 18 in x 18 title scheme, this veneer is really easy to bend around corners or over any obstacles you might come across.

Can this be used on all my walls?

Yes, you could use Mother of Pearl Aphrodite all over your walls. But the bigger question is — should you? Not only would you be adding extra expense, but you’d lose the visual interest of adding this veneer to a single wall. Keep it simple, perhaps behind the bed in the master bedroom would be one option.

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