Recently Michele asked:

How can I boost my motivation to get started on the various home makeover projects my house needs?

That’s a great question, Michele! I’m sure we’ve all struggled with a lack of motivation a time or two in our lives.  I know I certainly have! In fact, right this minute I’m lacking in the motivation to go outside and start the gardening project my front yard desperately deserves. This may even be the reason why I’m inside on a such a beautiful sunny day answering your question.  So, why don’t we work through this one together, and both come out on top of our home makeover projects!

The first thing I get hung up on, is focusing on the project as a whole. This is a huge mistake if you’re in a funk and can’t find the motivation to get started! Focusing on the whole project just makes it feel like an enormous task and that gets overwhelming. Instead, try to focus on something simple, like what supplies you will need. Making a supplies list is a simple task that can help you move in the right direction. Plus once you get the supplies list finished, you’ll also have your shopping list for any items you are needing to purchase.

The supplies list for my gardening project would look something like this: spade, yard rake, shears, hand rake, trowel, garden gloves, hose, wheelbarrow, bark, soil, and plants. This is the list of the items that I will need to accomplish my project. It’s also a good plan when your low on motivation to add something to your shopping list that you don’t necessarily need, but will make your job easier. For me this year, it’s going to be one of those handy little rolling garden stools.This extra purchase in particular, is really going to help boost my motivation because it will help lessen the knee and back pain I’m already anticipating. Plus, it’ll give me a place to store my small gardening tools while I’m working!

Once you’ve got your supply list and/or shopping list written out, it’s time to assemble your supplies. Because tools get misplaced or broken from one season to the next, I recommend assembling the tools you already have before your shopping trip. This way if you need to replace something, you won’t have to make an additional trip to the hardware store. For my gardening project, I know that I’m going to need to purchase the bark, soil and plants. But what I wouldn’t know unless I went down to the garage and looked at my gardening tools, is that I also need new gardening gloves, shears, hand rake and trowel. Checking out your supplies before you go shopping will also help keep you from having to stop the project mid stream to run to the hardware store.

After gathering and purchasing all the needed materials, you should be ready to start your project!  Once again, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the whole project at large. Instead, just think of the first item you need to do.  For my gardening project, that’s digging up a couple bushes that didn’t make it through the winter. By only focusing on one item at a time, I should be able to fool my motivation enough to truck on through the entire project! When I finish the task of removing the dead bushes then I can begin getting the flower beds ready for new plants.

For this article, I focused on my current gardening project, but the advice will work on any home makeover project in your home.  To avoid feeling overwhelmed, remember to focus on just one small goal at a time and the motivation will follow suit!

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Written by Amanda Hartley