Wood flooring for real life! In a bathroom? Seriously? Yes, New Bathroom Wood Flooring from Shaw’s Cosmopolitan Collection hardwood floor is a 1/2″ engineered wood floor made out of maple that when installed properly, is a great fit for your bathroom. Shaw’s Cosmopolitan comes in 2 colors: black and white. With its shiny finish, it produces both a luxurious and dramatic effect upon entry into the bathroom. This hardwood is perfect for an upscale spa look at cost much lower than most might expect.

But this is a bathroom we are talking about, is this new bathroom wood flooring water proof?

Cosmopolitan repels water making it ideal for areas prone to moisture. Finally a wood floor for bathrooms and kitchens!

What makes this a great floor for real life is Shaw’s new wear layer that resists scuffing and every day wear and tear. Cosmopolitan is hand scraped and sanded for an aged look but has very little wood grain. You can use just one color or combine them for a traditional black and white floor. And unlike tile you won’t need to get an expensive under floor heating installed to keep your feet warm when you walk on it. You get all the shine of black and white tile but with the warmth of wood! All for under $13 a square foot. Considering the benefits provided, this is quite reasonable.

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Questions and Answers for Shaw’s Cosmopolitan Collection wood flooring:

How does this contrast vinyl or tile in price? This is a mid range/ to high price wood flooring.  There are definitely a lot of flooring options that are less expensive, but for wood flooring you will not find any that will be beat in the repelling water department which makes it well worth the extra money.

How does this contrast vinyl or tile in durability? Unlike vinyl you are adding value to your home.  And unlike tile you are getting the warmth of walking on wood instead of cold tile.

Are there more color choices than with vinyl or tile? This wood floor only comes in the two colors and in a shiny finish so it is not for everyone.  And best complements traditional and modern styles.  It would be well placed in a bathroom or kitchen with very traditional feel or an ultra modern feel.  Very chic.

Is it easier to install that vinyl or tile? Installation is the same as with any engineered floor.  Staple, glue or floating.  It is not as easy as click lock laminate but for those familiar with engineered wood flooring it will be  a snap.

If you are torn between choosing laminate vs hardwood for your bathroom, I would definitely consider looking into Shaw’s Cosmopolitan hardwood floor. It’s a fantastic product to be sure.

Written by Amanda Hartley