New Carpet For Our Entire House

Today Susan, writes:

I have a question. We need new carpet for our entire house. We have three kids, two being teens with friends constantly coming in, two small dogs inside, and two cats who go in and out of the house. I need a carpet that withstands all this. Heavy wear and tear, shoes left on, occasionally a urine accident from my dogs, and maybe a food spill or two.

Any suggestions? Saw your recommendation for permasoft plus=puresque on your site. Please advise, I need help! Suggestions of style would be appreciated, frieze, plush???

Susan, there are a couple of different carpet brands that would withstand your busy household better than others. I would definitely check out the Bliss Permasoft Plus and Puresque lines of new carpet. Especially because of a type of odor control concept called Magic Fresh and the fact that it would help get rid of the smells associates with owning pets. Speaking as a dog owner myself, anything that makes it hard to tell you have pets is a good thing!

The other reason to consider a Bliss or Puresque carpet is because it’s stain resistance is inherent in the fiber. The fiber is the same color all the way through and you can even use a solution of half-bleach, half-water to remove stains. You can’t do this regular carpet fibers. So what this means for you is that you are able to remove even the toughest stains from your carpet.

New Carpet For Our Entire House

Another brand I would check out would be Smartstrand by Mohawk. Like the Permasoft Plus carpet fibers of Bliss and Puresque, Smartstrand’s fibers are have inherent stain resistance. Both carpets have similar warranties, the biggest difference between the two is the Magic Fresh feature of the Puresque and Bliss versus a more eco friendly fiber of the Smartstrand. So when it comes to deciding between the two you will need to figure out what is more important to you. Both carpets are low VOC’s and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Speaking of styles, that is really up to your preference. Because of the high traffic I would suggest a frieze (also known as twist) if you like that style. Also if you pick something out with color flecks, it would help to camouflage heavy wear and any stubborn stains that you may not have been able to get out of the carpet. These carpets are very good but they are not invincible.

If you don’t like friezes then consider a textured carpet. Textured carpets are different from plush carpets because the tops of the carpet appear to be different tones of the same color or different heights. This also helps camouflage wear and some stains. These are just the two styles I would recommend based on your usage and needs. Neither of these styles will do you any good if you don’t like them. What good is a carpet that lasts forever if you can’t stand it?

The only carpet style I would strongly suggest avoiding is looped carpet because you have pets whose claws could get caught in the loop of the carpet fiber. This will cause one of two things from happening: either your pet will lose the claw and you will have a very expensive vet visit and hurt pet or the carpet will run like a sweater. Neither option is very fun, so I’d suggest avoiding looped carpet all together.

No matter what carpet brand or style you choose, as long as you stay in one of those two brands you are sure to get more life out of your carpet as well as keeping your carpet looking newer longer. I suggested Bliss or Puresque and Smartstrand because both of the carpet fibers have that inherent stain resistance this is something you won’t get if you go with a carpet that has a stain protector applied to it.

There are still brands that are good carpet and have a stain protector applied, but why not look at something that is made to be better from the beginning of the fiber?

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