Options When Buying New Appliances

Today Tracy writes,

Dear Diva, I’m buying new appliances and I don’t understand what the difference is between a fridge that costs $1200 and one that costs $2600? They look basically the same to me., why is there such a large price difference?  Thanks

When it comes to buying new appliances, the difference in price is often because of the size and the features of the appliance itself.  Refrigerators in the $1200 range for example, are smaller in cubic feet and don’t have as many options.  For example: It may not have adjustable shelves or temperature control on the fruit and vegetable drawers.  Also expect that the ice and water controls have few options other than the control for ice or water on/off. You also may not have a lock feature to keep little fingers from turning it on when your not looking.

Options When Buying New Appliances

These appliance options are not important for everyone, but some people need the versatility these added features provide.  At the end of the day however, they are just options, not the necessities. Their need is in the eyes of the beholder.

One option I really like on my own Whirlpool fridge is the feature that allows you to measure how much water you want and then walk away while it’s filling.  This is a feature that is definitely not a necessity, but I happen to love it regardless!  While I’m cooking, it allows me to fill up a measuring cup while multitasking elsewhere in the kitchen. So for me personally, it was totally worth the extra expense on my fridge.

Another option to consider when it comes to the water or ice maker on a refrigerator is whether you fill tall containers or not.  There are ice/water makers on fridges that are specifically designed for tall containers like water bottles and pitchers.  Some are just taller openings and others have spouts that rotate out so you can hold a large container next to it and fill it up.

Whether you are looking to fill larger containers or need the versatility of rearranging shelves, these features can be costly when it comes to your new appliance.  Usually the less expensive models are the base models as far features are concerned.  Which one you choose depends on your wants and needs!

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