Today Stressed in Syracuse writes:

Diva – This year the in-laws are all coming over to my house for the holidays. And even though there is over five weeks to go until Thanksgiving, I’m starting to get stressed out!  Recently I’ve started a bunch of projects and haven’t finished any of them! For example: I painted the dining room last month and I haven’t hung anything up on the walls! Now I’ve got a huge space of wall with nothing on it. The old art doesn’t match the new color and I don’t know what to do.  Do you have any ideas on what I can hang and that won’t take forever to do?

Dear Stressed in Syracuse, I understand exactly where you are coming from! And I’d like to offer you a word of encouragement before I get to your question.  You’ve still got plenty of time to get ready for the holidays. The fact that you’re worrying about all of this now, instead of five weeks from now is a good thing. I am confident you will be prepared for the holiday season!

Perfect Picturewall

With that said, I noticed a wonderful new product on HGTV today that may help solve your decorating dilemma!  It’s called the Perfect Picturewall by The Picture Wall Company.  Perfect Picturewall is a set of ten frames that comes in a kit and has a template to make hanging the frames easy.  The total space the set takes up is about 3′ x 5′, so it should help fill the space you need in your dining room.  If not, you can combine two sets to fill up even more space!

What makes this Perfect Picturewall kit is so neat is that you hang the template on the wall and the template makes it easy to mark where your nail holes should be.  So you don’t have to worry about making mistakes hanging up your pictures.  The template also has two bubble levels that come in the kit to make leveling easy.  And the picture hanging template is “re-positionable”, so you can make sure it is exactly where you want before beginning.

The Perfect Picturewall is available in 1″ or 2″ frames and nine different colors and wood tones.  The frames are also solid wood and the kit includes everything you need to hang the frames on the wall except a hammer.  The template can be used horizontal or vertically and there’s a separate one for stairs that sets the frames at a perfect angle for stair hanging.

If you don’t like the idea of using family portraits to fill the frames, then you can just as easily add small art prints or just use the neutral prints that come in the frames until you figure out what you want. This way you’ve got something hanging up on the wall for when company comes and later you can spend more time designing the space.

The kit sells for around $350. It can be argued that you could easily purchase less expensive MDF or plastic frames to create the look yourself for much less, however you would then have to create your own kit and spend more time arranging and hanging each frame.  In addition to that, you’d lose out on the quality of the solid wood frames. So, for someone who is short on time, the picture hanging kit with templates will definitely save you more in the end.

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Written by Amanda Hartley