Nothing can ruin a Sunday afternoon faster than a clogged p-trap. It happens and for years, there was not a whole lot that could be done to prevent it. Well now it appears that this has become a problem of the past.

At the risk of sounding a bit like a TV infomercial here, there is a product that I came across recently that could very well be the best thing to happen to sinks since indoor plumbing. Aptly named the PermaFLOW never clog drain, this contraption is not to be confused with the regular p-trap that as we all know doesn’t really work at preventing clogs.

With a traditional p-trap, one must wait until the p-trap is completely clogged. Only then, are you able to go ahead and clean away the obstruction in the p-trap itself. This is where PermaFLOW is completely different.

Instead of waiting until there is a problem, you can instead look at the transparent housing to see how the clog is shaping up. Once you identify it, simply use the attached knob to turn the internal paddle so the blockage can be easily removed.

permaflow by pfwater works

A must own p-trap replacement for all sinks

One of the really awesome aspects of the PermaFLOW never clog drain is the fact that you can literally fish out just about anything dropped into it, within seconds. It’s a fantastic concept. In addition to being simple to install, simple to use and brain-dead easy to sell others on the concept, the PermaFLOW is surprisingly inexpensive. The PermaFLOW normally retails for about $20 USD. If you buy it here however, you will find the PermaFLOW at a much lower price.

A transparent p-trap! Who would have thought something so simple, would be such an obvious investment for those tired of dropping rings, toys, hair and other debris into their sink…only to have to snake it out or worse — call a plumber because you can’t see what’s going on in the p-trap. As far as I am concern, the PermaFLOW never clog drain sells itself. Eco friendly, a huge time saver for lost objects and best of all, no more plungers needed to unclog those clogged sinks!

Written by Amanda Hartley