Today Marilyn writes:

Dear Diva, I finally get to design my dream kitchen! And I’ve got a really good idea what I want for most things, but have not decided on a fridge yet. If money was no object, what fridge would you put in your dream kitchen?

Marilyn, if money was no object and I was able to use as much space as I needed I would get the PRO 48 by Sub-Zero.  The PRO 48 is aptly named because it is 48″ wide. This is a foot wider than standard refrigerators, which is why I made a point to say that I would use this fridge if I had all the space I needed.  You won’t be able to simply replace an existing fridge with this model, instead you would need to be doing a new build or a renovation to get this huge refrigerator to fit into an existing space.

That said, despite the PRO 48’s size, it uses a considerable low amount of energy. The annual energy usage is estimated at $74 a year.  While regular sized french door refrigerators by other brands, such as LG, GE and Maytag all range around $60-$68 per year.  So the cost of running the Sub-Zero is not that much more than a standard fridge. This is especially remarkable when you consider the fact that this fridge will keep your food fresher longer. From the crisper drawer with a tight seal glass lid to the dual refrigeration with two compressors and three evaporators to keep food fresher longer and prevent odor, the PRO 48 was designed to be food’s best friend.

PRO 48 Sub-Zero

And on top of those great features, here is a list of additional features the PRO 48 by Sub-Zero has to offer:

Exterior temperature display –  An exterior temperature display with easy-to-read digital readouts.

Amazing Controls – Microprocessor and interior control panel with up-front touch controls.

Keeping things crisp – A crisper drawer  with a touch-and-glide crisper.

Divide and conquer – Drawers with adjustable and removable dividers.

It’s spill proof – Cantilevered and spill-proof glass shelves with stainless steel trim.

Closes by itself – Auto-close system with an advanced hinge design.

Easy to access and clean – Easy-access grille pops up with a simple pull, and slide-out stainless steel bins.

Add to all of this the fact that Sub-Zero is made in the USA and you can understand why the PRO 48 by Sub-Zero would be my dream refrigerator! The PRO 48 is available with either Stainless steel doors or with glass door on the refrigerator side. It can also either work as a built-in or a standalone refrigerator with the free-standing accessory kit. I prefer the look of the PRO 48 as a free-standing unit with glass door. But I would only recommend this option if you keep your refrigerator tidy and would like the food inside to be highlighted. Otherwise you’d better stick with both doors being stainless steel! You’ll also need to know that the price tag is around $15,000. So it is not for everyone, but it is well worth every penny!

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Written by Amanda Hartley