RangeCraft Range Hoods

Today NJ Gwen writes:

I want a spectacular range hood. I spent a lot of money on my kitchen remodel and I don’t want something that will just blend in. I’d also like something custom-made or made in the USA. My kitchen is very traditional and I don’t want anything with contemporary lines also, I was thinking copper. What can you suggest?

Gwen, I completely understand wanting every piece of your kitchen to shine! When it comes to kitchen remodels a lot of people go cheap when it comes to the range hood and depending on the size and shape of your kitchen this can be a big mistake. Especially if the range rood is an area of the kitchen that the eyes naturally rest upon when you look about the room. So I applaud you for not overlooking a commonly forgotten piece of your kitchen!

There is a company that is near you in New Jersey called Rangecraft Range Hoods that you should check out. They’ve been in business for almost 40 years and are known for quality custom designed range hoods. They also specialize in classic designs. Check out the Baroque and Rococo designs, they are my favorites!  The range hoods come in a variety of metals but the copper finishes are definitely worth taking a look at, especially in the styles I previously mentioned. Since the owner of the company is a master coppersmith who was trained in Germany, it’s no wonder why the range hoods have a european flair!

RangeCraft Range Hoods

Also the Rangecraft company is close to you, since the factory is in New Jersey and all of the products are made right here in the USA. Another thing to note is that if you don’t see a style that works for you in your kitchen, they’ll work with you to custom design a range hood that meets your criteria! Keep in mind though, since this range hoods are custom-made to order, that there is a wait time of approximately 6 weeks.

So this is not a product that you can just pick up of the shelf.  But I did see some range hoods in the clearance section of the website, that may be ready to go, that are definitely worth checking out.

All in all I think you will not be disappointed by the variety available and the custom range hoods at Rangecraft Range Hoods. Especially based on your location and style, I can’t think of anything else more spectacular for your space!

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