Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Just a few years ago, buying new kitchen cabinets might have made a lot of sense. However, we live in a tighter economy now and people are looking to stretch every dollar possible during a kitchen remodel.  In order to do this, it’s important to know your options, know what you can salvage and what has to be purchase brand new.  This is especially true when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

This brings a lot of people into refacing old kitchen cabinets. After all, why spend $5000 when you can do it for a $1000, right? The problem is refacing a cabinet. While it seems like a great idea, it might be more work than most people realize. But when compared to an all out cabinet replacement, the hassle may be well worth it. Worst case scenario, hire a professional if you feel like it’s over your head. After all, it’s still cheaper than replacing the cabinets from scratch.

What does a cabinet refacing entail?

So what exactly is cabinet refacing. Many people get the term refacing and refinishing mixed up. Truth is, each one is substantially different. Cabinet refacing translates into new doors and veneer applied to the face and exposed sides of the cabinets.  The wood on the exposed sides of the cabinet will need to be cleaned with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) before the veneer is applied to the cabinets. There are other steps involved as well, so make sure you research the project thoroughly before starting.

The drilling for new hardware isn’t so bad, but knowing where to apply the veneer and how to cut around it, is pretty important to get right the first time.  Mistakes can be costly.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Options

Refinishing is also an option

If the idea of refacing cabinets sounds a bit daunting or perhaps the cost it prohibitive, consider refinishing instead. This works best for cabinets that you are willing to clean, then prime and paint over. Obviously this is something that is very case by case, depending on your skill level, but is totally doable nonetheless. The cost of doing this, is next to nothing compared to replacement or refacing costs.

Just go with new IKEA cabinets

If the configuration of the old kitchen is not ideal sometimes you do indeed, need to start completely over with brand new kitchen cabinets. Refinishing and refacing simply will not change the location of a cabinet! In instances like this, I would give serious consideration to the contents of this article on IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Weighing out your options

So the take away from all of this is that you are not without choices. When you find yourself against the wall with your budget don’t forget that you have options! Custom cabinets are not the only way to go when you are remodeling your kitchen. You can reface or refinish the existing cabinets or if you have to replace check out IKEA.