Recently I was given four gallons of the new Arm & Hammer Refresh Paint by the Dutch Boy marketing team to review at our leisure.  As luck would have it I had the perfect project in mind.  However, I still had to find the “perfect” paint color.  After going through the typical color deck provided to me by the Dutch Boy marketing team, I decided to go to a local store selling Refresh Paint to get even more color ideas. At the store I found the typical color cards, but one thing I did not expect was the coordinating colors card. This was an added bonus. The coordinating colors cards have a selection of seven colors that coordinate together.  This of course, takes out the guess-work if you’re trying to pull a room together or need a smoother transition from room to room. These cards ended up helping me decide on the colors for my space.

Refresh Paint By Dutch Boy Review

The space I made over was a small area outside the master bedroom. That up until now has stayed the stark builder’s white we bought the house in. It has also become a catchall space and dog hideaway that was in desperate need of a makeover!  I chose a deep earth tone called Northern Climb in Eggshell. I must say at first I was skeptical. How could a paint that eliminates odor and is zero VOC be so inexpensive?  After all, it’s only about $20 a gallon.  Based on my experience, that price is unheard of for most zero VOC paints, which tend to run $30-60 per gallon.

Because of the price and my darker paint color, I started out thinking that it must take many coats to cover any pre-selected area.  Once I started painting however, I quickly learned an important rule — don’t judge a gallon of paint by its price!  Turns out that the paint covered well, even with it being a darker color it only took me two paint coats to get the job done.  And truth be told if I did a better job on the first coat the second would have only been touch up!

Book and Chasecozy reading nook

Refresh Paint by Dutch Boy is definitely an eco-friendly paint. I mention this as I could only barely smell the paint while it was wet. And once it had dried, you couldn’t tell I had painted the room at all from the smell. Keep in mind that I am very sensitive to harsh chemical smells and was very pleased by this zero VOCs paint. Lastly, I also love the easy to pour spout on the container and easy to open lid.  It was a nice change to not have to look for my paint opener and mallet just to open and close the container.

The new rich color on the wall has also helped me turn a small loft area that was previously unused space outside our master bedroom into a cozy reading nook!  It is a great place to relax after a hectic day.  I think the relaxing feeling has to do with the deep earth tone I choose for the wall color which has a soothing effect for the weary soul.

As far as the claim on reducing odors goes, the room is often used by my 75 pound American Bulldog as a ‘hide away’ from the cat and I can already tell that the paint is helping to get rid of the usual dog smell that is present in other areas he frequents. We still have two gallons of Refresh Paint left and I will be using it to paint the master bedroom next, so we will be reviewing that next room and how Dutch Boy paint does with that color choice, in an upcoming article.

Disclosure: The paint in this review was provided by Dutch Boy marketing, however this is NOT a paid review by any means and our findings with the paint are unbiased and authentic. We simply fell in love with how Refresh Paint by Dutch Boy made small work of our sizable painting project.

Written by Amanda Hartley