When replacing an old ceiling fan, how do you decide if you should put a new one in? By asking yourself one simple question: did you use the old one?  If the answer is yes, then obviously you need to put a new one in!  I know a lot of designers freak out when it comes to ceiling fans.  They aren’t as stylish, they’re too functional, oh my gosh look at the blades!  But here is the thing, they are actually useful and they don’t have to be ugly!

Take the Monte Carlo Maxima ceiling fan in Roman Bronze.  It is definitely not your grandma’s ceiling fan.  This modern design ceiling fan is sleek and sexy!

Replacing An Old Ceiling Fan

Now if you are looking for something that look’s like your grandma’s ceiling fan, check out The Retro by Hunter. It’s a funky design that definitely works for a vintage style!

Okay, so you are digging the new styles, but you still don’t think you can put a new ceiling fan in.  What if it didn’t look like a ceiling fan? Check out the Air Shadow collection from Fanimation.  It’s a hybrid ceiling fan of sorts.

When the fan is off, it just looks like a typical light fixture.  The blades are retractable and hidden by the glass shade of the light fixture when not in use.  The Air Shadow comes in several designs and is amazing to watch as it starts up or shuts down.

No matter what style of ceiling fan you go with, just remember that times have changed and you’ve got options.  You don’t have to get stuck with grandma’s old ceiling fan, unless you want to!  Most importantly you can have style and function.  So don’t suffer if you live in a hot climate, just because some designer said you don’t need a ceiling fan!  Show them that ceiling fans can be cool, pun intended!


Written by Amanda Hartley