Not everyone can install radiant heat flooring, but everyone can install a towel radiator if they want to!  If you wanted to warm your cold bathroom up but want something easier to install than other radiant heating solutions, consider going with a Runtal Towel Radiator.

With the Runtal Towel Radiator, you won’t have to worry about the bathroom feeling cold anymore. Not only will you be able to wrap a warm towel around yourself, but the towel radiators also act like a room heater as well.  And  the great thing about Runtal Radiators is that you can choose between several styles that come in an electric plug-in option.

This means you don’t have to be an electrician or hire one, to get your very own towel radiator in place.  Say good-bye to feeling cold after you get out of the shower!  The plug-in kind of towel radiator is more expensive than the traditional hard-wired kind, but considering you are saving on an electrician it is still a good deal.

Runtal Towel Radiators

And this brings up an interesting point. Obviously you need to have a plug-in near by where you want to install the towel radiator. Otherwise you won’t have anything other than an expensive towel rack!  If you don’t have a plug-in, you will need to hire an electrician to hard wire it in for you.  This will also ensure that the towel radiator looks cleaner with no cords hanging down.

Of those types available, my favorite towel radiator from Runtal is their new Fain model.  It is a modern stainless steel look that is very sleek. If you are interested in a more traditional model, check out the other styles. Towel radiator’s also come in a variety colors. There are ten standard colors available and an endless array of custom colors they can match for you at an additional cost. No matter which radiator you choose make sure you measure your area, find out about power, and do your research about style and brand.  Remember that not all towel radiators are made equally! So it pays to shop around.

Written by Amanda Hartley