Save Money with IKEA Furniture

During your next room makeover, you might want to consider purchasing IKEA furniture.  Because buying furniture you have to put together yourself, will save you money!

Of course putting together furniture is not for everyone.  If you are not good at following directions, have weak hands or can’t lift a lot of weight don’t purchase furniture you have to put together yourself. You will only be asking for trouble! Consider going with a furniture store that either assembles for you or brings assembled furniture to your home.

IKEA Furniture

That said, if you can follow directions, you don’t have weak hands, and can lift a lot of weight or have help lifting check out IKEA’s furniture.  What I like about IKEA over other brands is that their instructions are easy to follow.  The instruction booklets have actual drawings to help show you “what goes where.” These guides are so effective, most booklets don’t have any words at all — just pictures!

IKEA Furniture is easy to put together.  The holes line up like they are suppose to, unlike other do it yourself furniture kits I’ve gotten in the past. No re-drilling needed, no creative use of the “spare” parts, they just fit together! I don’t know if it is that the quality control is better with IKEA or what, but I’ve had almost no problems with all the furniture I’ve purchased over the years.

If you want some furniture that will save you some money and go together like a snap, check out IKEA furniture for your next home makeover!