Today Michelle writes:

Dear Diva, I haven’t bought any new appliances in 20 years and I cannot believe how high the prices are! However the store I’m shopping at has a “Scratch N Dent” section with lower prices. Is it okay to buy a “Scratch N Dent” fridge?

Michelle, it’s definitely okay to buy Scratch N Dent Appliances.  Often times you can get some really killer deals on great appliances there, but you need to find out a couple of facts before you make your purchase.

First you’ll want to find out how the appliances got damaged. The majority of appliances in Scratch N Dent Appliance sections have minor or cosmetic issues, but sometimes they may have something more substantial wrong.  For example if a fridge was damaged in shipping or delivery and it’s just a small dent or scratch caused by scrapping against something, then that fridge will still run great.  However what if that fridge fell or sustained a more significant event?  While the price of that fridge would look amazing, it may not work right and only cause you to have to replace it a short time later.  This would cause you to lose the money you spent on the fridge and have to start over looking for another one.  This is one of those situations in which I say you’ll get what you pay for!  So if you the damage is only cosmetic and doesn’t affect anything that runs on the fridge, then I say go for it.

Another fact to find out is whether or not the fridge is still under the manufacturers warranty.  If it’s not, then I would stay far away from it.  The reason for this is that if something unrelated to the damage on the appliances is wrong, you’ll have to pay to have it fixed later on.  Parts and labor are expensive and you don’t want to be stuck footing the bill.  If the manufacturers warranty has expired but the appliance store offers an extended warranty, then it may still be something to consider purchasing.  You just want to make sure that a brand new unblemished fridge with the original warranty and the price of the scratch n dent fridge with the extended warranty is still a good deal. Otherwise you might as well go with an unblemished fridge since you aren’t saving any money.

Scratch N Dent Appliances

And the last fact to consider is whether or not you plan on selling your house any time soon.  If you’re planning on selling your house (with the fridge), you ll definitely want to stay away from anything with noticeable damage as this can be a huge red flag to new home buyers.  The only type of damaged I would consider if resale is in your future is a small scratch or dent in an area that isn’t immediately noticeable or similar damage to the side or back where no one can see.  You might be thinking that you’re selling the house so whether the fridge you’re leaving with it is damaged or not, doesn’t matter. But you’d be wrong in assuming that it doesn’t matter to a potential buyer. And since this is a buyer’s market, you want to do everything you can to attract and keep a potential buyer.  Also a potential buyer won’t know that you got the appliance a scratch n dent sale so they will assume you did the damage and wonder what else you’ve let get damaged they can’t see.

Scratch N Dent Appliances are available at great discounts and will definitely be friendly to your budget. But you need to use your head and consider all the facts before purchasing. Finding out how the appliance was damaged and whether there’s a warranty should be the most important part of your buying decision. And don’t forget to consider whether or not you are selling your home and what a potential buyer may think of that scratch or dent! Because this will save you from a major headache down the line!

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Written by Amanda Hartley