Sidelight Window Treatments

Today Pat writes:

I have two little sidelight windows next to the front door and they need new window treatments. Problem is I don’t know what to do? I need something that will offer privacy but also look good with the rest of the house. My home has traditional decor. What would you do? This is stressing me out and any help is greatly appreciated!

Don’t worry, Pat. Even though there aren’t a lot of options available for sidelight window treatments, I’m confident we can find something that goes with your traditional decor.  Often times the trick with finding sidelight window treatments is getting something that has all the options you want in such a small width. Based on your style, I’m going to suggest you look at wood blinds or roller shades.

Wood blinds will definitely fit in with your traditional style. Depending on what company you are looking at, you may 1″ or 2″ wide slats to choose from. One thing to keep in mind before choosing wood blinds is that if your sidelights are smaller than 10 1/2″ wide you may only have the control option of tilting the slats open and close.

Sidelight Window Treatments

Because of the small size, there isn’t enough room to get a functional lift control in the headrail. So companies offer blinds that just hang down all the time but that you can tilt open or close the slats to let light in. Another noteworthy option is that the tilt control will also be in a different location than regular wood blinds. It will be a center tilt and is typically only available in a wand control.

Regular wood blinds are pretty good at allowing you to keep your privacy, but if you want to be doubly sure no one can see in, consider going with a no holes/privacy option or cloth tapes. Both of these features will ensure no one can look inside your home.

Another type of blind you could use for such a small width are roller shades. If you choose a fabric or style that is more traditional and opt for a valance roller shades will fit right into your decor. Unlike wood blinds roller shades will still be able to operate like regular shades, even at such a small width. However you may not have all fabrics available at the size you need. So make sure you have the width with you before you go shopping. That way you won’t get your hopes set on something that won’t work for your sidelights.

No matter what sidelight window treatments you go with, just remember you do still have options, just not as many as with regular window treatments. Other options I didn’t include in the answer because of the traditional style but are still available as sidelight window treatments are: 1″ mini blinds and cellular shades. The only thing I would stay away from are vertical blinds and that is only because they often times look out of proportion on tall skinny windows.

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