Today Natasa writes:

I am having a very hard time deciding between different countertop colors. Part of my problem is that I have new Gloss Bird’s Eye Thermophoil (European style) kitchen cabinets. My floor is Brazilian Cherry. Since the cabinets are glossy and have a subtle pattern I would like to go with solid colors, like the ones offered by Silestone. I am particularly attracted to Silestone Zen series countertop. Could you please give some advice?

Personally¬†speaking, I’m a big fan of Silestone and quartz countertops. The solid color will help you highlight your beautiful new cabinets, without competing for attention. Your own personal design style, how contemporary you want to go, and how much light you have in the room are all important factors in deciding between different countertop colors.

For example, what is your own personal design style? Because you choose Silestone’s Zen series countertop and not the “Life series”, I’m going to assume that bright colors are not part of your design style for the kitchen? Well at least not where the countertop is concerned. I’m also going to guess that you do want your kitchen to have a little bit of drama because of the Brazilian cherry floors. I don’t mean drama in a bad way, I just mean that you want your choices to have a little bit of an impact or “wow factor”, if you will. That and you like the wood styles you chose because of the interesting grain patterns and because they weren’t your typical oak or boring kitchen.

Silestone Zen Series CountertopHow contemporary are you? Are you going for a light and open contemporary feel? If you are, consider using Haiku or White Zeus as your Silestone Zen series countertop color. Using a white or light color countertop is very contemporary. It also gives the room a light and airy feeling. Especially if there is a lot of natural light in the space. If are not looking for the light an airy look, are you looking for more color? Or maybe something darker and more dramatic like Tao? All of the colors in the Zen series will fit into a modern kitchen, it just depends on which direction you want to go in. Depending on the exact of color of your Gloss Bird’s Eye cabinets and cherry hardwood flooring one of the reds might go nicely as well.

Usually my standard bit of advice for people who aren’t sure what color countertops to go with is to choose a color that is in between the color of your countertops and flooring. This way your countertops help bridge the gap between your flooring and give the room a good visual flow. However this rule does not always apply, it just depends on your own personal style.

You’ve done a great job so far choosing items for your kitchen, and the Zen Series by Solistone will be a wonderful addition, no matter color you go with. Just remember the tips above and you will make a great decision.

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Written by Amanda Hartley