Recently there has been some concern over just how reliable it is for those looking to install a kitchen backsplash with SimpleMat. Some of the concerns made against the product included: the glue being more adhesive than initially thought, tiles being too small, just too limiting in product styles available. Speaking for myself, I think this is complete nonsense.

First of all, if you apply too much glue, of course it is going to be next to impossible to remove later on. Yes, the titles that come with it are of a smaller style and it is true that you will have more design options should you opt for another product altogether. It is also valid to consider that the jury is still out on whether this product is going to be long term durable as other options. But considering the use of tile with the fact that people have said it is difficult to remove, this would seem to nullify that point though.

SimpleMat For Backsplashes

To better understand if SimpleMat is the right match for your backsplash needs, one only need consider the following: are you talented enough to install a backsplash otherwise? No, then clearly using SimpleMat suddenly makes a whole lot of sense then, no?

If however, you feel up to the challenge of doing a new backsplash design for your kitchen, here are some great design ideas to help get you started. And if you are on a time crunch, there are backsplash ideas doable in less than an hour.

Written by Amanda Hartley