Trying to tackle a small bathroom makeover on the best day, is a daunting task. Attempting such a small bathroom makeover in a weekend, is generally thought to be impossible. Despite this belief, we did some research and have found that truth is stranger than fiction in this matter. As it turns out, while this being on a tight time line, it is possible to crank out a bathroom makeover during the course of a single weekend.

New Vanity – In theory, tearing out any kind of bathroom fixture is as simple as a crowbar and some muscle. Unfortunately you are not merely tearing down a wall here. There is water/plumbing involved. And based on this, you will want to read this guide carefully to help you get your old vanity torn out safely and then get the new one installed with as little effort as possible.

Small bathroom makeover

Flooring – Many people are going to be tempted to get into tile this early into the game. But being as we are wanting to do this in a single weekend, one might be better off to simply go with an easy to lay down some Armstrong vinyl flooring. The great thing about vinyl is that it can be laid down and you can work over it as you get the rest of the bathroom ready.

Walls – One of the first places to start with would be with the walls. Are you dealing with wallpaper or paint. Assuming paint, you will likely want to paint the walls…but this may very well put you over the mark for getting things done in a single weekend. That said however, it can still be done. Simply do the painting last, as you can let it dry after you finish and it will be ready on Monday. You will likely want to choose the best low VOC paint or perhaps something moisture resistant. This way you can keep your bathroom safe from moisture problems.

Rugs and towels – Once you get all of the stuff above taken care of, now you need to accent it with the right color scheme. If you just did a fresh coat of paint, then obviously you will want to make sure to buy rugs and towels that go well with your new color scheme.

Written by Amanda Hartley