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Hi Diva,

I just got a new old house and I have a very smelly and gross carpet
. When I looked at the house in April there was no odor because
it was still cold, but now, with the warmth and humidity, the smell in
one of the rooms is overwhelming and disgusting. Hard to believe, but
this was a bedroom before!!! OMG!!!

Anyway, I want to make it into a mini-kennel, in other words the dog
crates and grooming table will be in there. I’ve deep cleaned the
carpet twice, which ultimately had no effect on the odor, but did make
it much easier to pull up the squares of carpet ( it’s the tile kind)
and lo and behold, underneath this repulsive layer I found 9×9″
squares of ancient and very brittle linoleum, the likes of which the
fellows from home depot had informed me that they were not allowed to
touch! That was when they installed new carpeting in the rest of the
house. I had thought that since I was going to make this room my dog
room, I would just leave the old carpet. Of course, that was before
the terrible smell reared its ugly head!

What should I do? Can I just seal up the old linoleum with Kilz or
something and put vinyl tile over the lot? I’m out of house fixing
money, so I will have to do the work myself. Is vinyl tile waterproof
(I also have fish in the room) enough at its seams? If not, is there
something you can put on it so that nothing can get through? I would
theoretically be tiling over another hideous floor problem, but I just
don’t know how to get the linoleum off.

Please help!!

So Home Depot probably didn’t want to touch the old vinyl tiles because they could have Asbestos.  Did the smell go away with the carpet or is it still in the room?  Try removing the carpet if you haven’t already and see what happens.  Maybe you’ll luck out and it will follow the carpet out the door!

smelly carpet problems

Clean the floor and then put Kilz over the top of it.  Also paint the walls w/Kilz as well, just in case the odor has seeped into the drywall.  Then cover the flooring up.  Try using something with a floating floor install.  I suggest either laminate or vinyl.  Since you’ll be doing the install yourself, you might want to look at one of the floating vinyl floorings.

Either the stuff that comes in a sheets that you lay down with glass tac tape.  Or the kind that comes in planks that just stick to itself.  Home Depot has one called Allure and Armstrong makes one as well.  If you have large dogs and they go running into that room, you might want to consider Allure’s Garage line, or the Armstrong product because they are heartier.

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Written by Amanda Hartley




I know I’m a little late to this post, but I was wondering if someone could help me. My girlfriend and I have a dog in our apartment. A couple of weeks ago, I didn’t get home in time to take it him outside and he had an accident on the carpet. We have tried everything from detergent, baking soda, you name it to get the smell out with minimal success. Any help with greatly appreciated.


Hi Jim, just posted a response on the front page. 🙂
See Old Pet Urine Stains.

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