Today Hilda writes:

Dear Diva, I am looking to increase the amount of light in my home office, but need something eco friendly.  Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

When it comes to being eco-friendly the easiest thing you can do is to invest in eco friendly lighting. This can be done in a variety of ways, from replacing light bulbs and fixtures to installing skylights and utilizing the natural light already available to you.

If you have windows in your home office, are you opening up the blinds? There’s a reason it’s called daylight, you know. Another way to look at it: If your blinds are down and you are using electric light during the day, you’re doing it wrong! The easiest way to be more eco friendly is by raising your blinds instead of turning on a lights. If there isn’t enough daylight coming into the room consider installing an eco friendly skylight or solar skylight tubes.

Solar Skylight Tubes

Of the two, one trend that is on the rise is solar skylight tubes. They’re great because unlike a traditional skylight, you don’t have to do worry about using window treatments during the summer. Heat doesn’t come in, the just light. The part of the solar skylight tube you see in the room is about the size of a light fixture and looks like a light that is on. Only difference is that this is diffused natural light and provides enough illumination to light the room evenly. Using solar skylight tubes is a great eco friendly lighting choice that will effortlessly light your home office. The tubes themselves cost around $150-600 per tube.

If natural light won’t cut it, then consider installing eco friendly fixtures that are energy star rated instead. This will help keep the amount of energy down that you’re using to light up a room. You should also use eco friendly bulbs such as CFLs (compact fluorescent) or LED bulbs. CFLs have been around long enough that the cost is definitely down from what it once was. While LEDs which use even less energy are still price higher than regular bulbs.

Despite the initial cost difference up front, the price will more than make up for it in energy savings and bulb replacement. Whether you increase your natural light, install a solar skylight tube or just readjust your existing lighting, there is something everyone can do to increase light and stay eco friendly!

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Written by Amanda Hartley