If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring company where the products are made right here in the United States. Then check out Staybull flooring. Staybull has over twenty different styles of hardwood that are considered to be eco friendly.  Staybull flooring material is made out of the left over scraps of wood that lumbers mills would usually throw away or burn.  This means if you’re looking for an eco friendly hardwood flooring, with this option you’ve found one that definitely helps keep trash out of the land fills.

Staybull flooring creates a high-end wood flooring out of what looks like what some might consider to be trash in the beginning.  They take those “trash strips” and other pieces of wood that other companies would discard and create the hardwood flooring you see in their catalog.  This is done by taking several strips of wood and placing them together.  Then the wood pieces are fused together with eco friendly adhesive.  After that the boards are milled into flooring planks then cured and finished.

Staybull has over twenty species of wood that are made into eco friendly hardwood flooring solutions for use in homes everywhere.  The species range from domestic oaks, cherry and maples to more exotic hardwoods like wenge, jatoba, and paduak.  Because of the way the planks are assembled each plank has more grain to it than traditional flooring.  It reminds me more of a vertical stacked bamboo flooring.  Only with wider wood pieces.

Anyone who likes the look of a tigerwood or higher contrast grain hardwood will love the look of Staybull. My favorite is the Canary wood. Color wise it tends to vary from a light cream to yellowish brown to a pale olive brown.

Prices in flooring range depending on species, but the hardwood offered starts at $4.50 a square foot and goes up.  To find a Staybull dealer check out the Staybull website or ask for a price quote.  Free samples are also available via the website.  If you are interested in an eco friendly high-end flooring that will wow your guests check out the website at StaybullFlooring.com.

Written by Amanda Hartley