If you have been trying to find the perfect bathtub for your new spa inspired bathroom remodel.  Check out the bathtubs available from Stone Forest.  They are hand carved and polished for a truly natural bathtub.  These tubs are hand carved out of large pieces of granite, marble or travertine.  Each is a one of a kind masterpiece.

These beautiful tubs scream relaxation! They would complement any nature inspired spa retreat. From a zen inspired space with a rough granite bathtub to a more classical retreat with a polished marble old world tub.

Stone Forest bathtubs are a work of art. Hand carved just like a statue.  Keep in mind the beauty of natural stone, comes from each one being different!  Also keep in mind these tubs are heavy and your contractor or architect will need to plan accordingly, most sub floors will not support the weight without help!

Written by Amanda Hartley