Today Cindy writes:

Diva, I am a mess. I’ve been trying to figure out which backsplash I should go with. I have looked into your older backsplash articles and have been able to determine you’re the best person to ask this question. Should I be looking into stone tile backsplash design ideas or instead, go with something from the glass backsplash family? Glass backplashes I understand, but trying to get my head around stone tile for my backplash is really stressing me out. What colors, patterns, etc should I be going after here? Help!

Don’t panic Cindy, I will do what I can to clear away some of the fog here. When looking into selecting a stone tile backsplash, the thing you need to ask yourself is whether or not it’s appropriate to the room in question? Borrowing a page from an earlier article on selecting granite colors for the countertop, much of this translates into what you are trying to do with the backsplash.

Stone Tile Backsplash Design Ideas

– Backplash or countertop? It’s one or the other folks, which is it going to be? If the first focus you want people to hone in on is to be your backsplash, best to downplay the countertop a couple of notches. In your case, this means selecting something with a high visual impact for the backsplash.  Lighting here, is also helpful. Think under the counter lighting.

-Stone tiles may be a little bigger. An advantage to using stone tiles is that you’re not needing to worry so much about the backsplash appearing too “busy” looking. If anything, without a center piece design in the middle of it behind the oven, you’re most likely to end up with something too boring looking.

-Keep the backsplash colors lighter or darker for best visual impact. Nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on a stone tile backsplash only to have it washed out by the countertops. Worse, having the backsplash blending in with the dark cabinets. Best approach with light countertops and dark cabinets is to find a backsplash color that meets both in the middle. Enough contrast to stand out, but not so much it begins blending one way or the other. As for flooring, best to read up on some of my flooring articles for help with this.

-Modern or traditional. Realize which you’re looking to go with early. Because if you don’t, you’ll end up with a hodge-podge looking kitchen that is trying to mix both styles and that simply won’t work at all.

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Written by Amanda Hartley