As the Home Makeover Diva, I come across a lot of home decor items that I’m either planning in putting in my home or that I’ve found while helping out a client.  Today was no exception.  The next lighting project to be put into my “must haves list” is a wonderful crystal sconce by Global Views. Let me start off first by saying that I’m not a big fan of crystal, so for this sconce to catch my eye and make it on that list is no ordinary feat! Global Views has really out done themselves!

The Fortune Teller Sconce is a wonderful mix of crystal elegance and grace, not to mention that I just love the name.  And yes, it does look like it has the fortune teller’s crystal ball, just in a smaller more contemporary way.  There are actually two crystal balls on the sconce, one is larger than the other and they’re placed above and below the shade.

the fortune teller's sconce

I’m also a fan of the ivory square shade.  The juxtaposition of the crystal balls and the square shade is a nice touch and will definitely bring this sconce into focus in any room. This is not a boring lighting piece that guests will walk by without a second though, the Fortune Teller’s Sconce will definitely stand out as elegant and intriguing.

This wonderful sconce by Global Views can be found in a variety of places online and at lighting stores. The Fortune Teller Sconce can also be found in a variety of prices, as my search for a client uncovered today. And it’s not just a small price range, I found prices from $299 to $450.  Needless to say if you are into saving money, it really does help to do a little research before you purchase anything online! Also keep in mind, return policies, shipping costs and shipping timelines. Because all companies are not created equal and you don’t want to choose somewhere based on price if they can’t get you your product in time.

Written by Amanda Hartley