Today Linda writes:

Diva, I realize my this question may seem a little off-topic, but with the advancements of stoves and ovens in today’s modern kitchen, where do you see cooking appliances in the upcoming future? Do you believe there will be major changes over the horizon?

Actually Linda, I do have some thoughts on this. It’s something that I have been following recently with the demonstration of what is being described as The William Stove. Described as the next generation of stove top cooking, the The William Stove is considered to be perhaps the most advanced stove ever conceived.

The William Stove


– 1,500 separately heated, touch sensitive honeycombs
– Each pot or pan creates a unique signature on the cooking surface
– Signature-specific settings
– Timing on a per-signature basis
– Can use 85% of its surface for cook

So in theory, when pot or skillet is placed onto the honeycombs, the elements immediately come to life as does the touch screen controls. Temp controls, signature settings per space being used. The William Stove is not currently available on the market, but it should be.

It would seem that the future of cooking is more about efficency and less about the next microwave concept or something like astronauts might be eating. Clearly the future is nearly here and it is the The William Stove.

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Written by Amanda Hartley