As we all know, times are tough and money is tight. That’s why it’s important to make wise decisions with your money. One way to do a living room makeover without knocking down walls and doing that dream renovation is to purchase a new area rug. Not to worry, it’ll be a popular area rug for any budget.

Once you choose your style and know what size you want (make sure to measure your room, or area you’ll be putting that new rug in prior to going to the store!) it’s time to talk fibers. There are three different types of fibers popular today that can also fit into any budget. Those three area rug fibers are Olefin/Polypropylene, Nylon and Wool. In the order of least to most expensive:

Olefin otherwise known as Polypropylene – A man made fiber that also happens to be one of the least expensive rug fibers. So it fits any budget and style. Some even feel like silk and are available in a broad range of colors. Olefin is stain resistant and so it’s great with kids or pets, but isn’t the greatest in high traffic areas as the fibers can crush or wear thin. Olefin is also a great choice if you change styles often because of the low cost.

Three Popular Area Rugs For Any Budget

Nylon – Another man made fiber, but more expensive than Olefin. Nylon rugs are both durable and stain resistant. Nylon is great in high traffic areas such as hallways and stairs. Nylon comes in a variety of colors and can have a very soft silky feel.

Wool – Is the natural choice in area rugs that is not rough to the touch like sisal and other grass rugs. Wool is great in heavy traffic areas and resists most water based stains. It can be more expensive than man made fibers and is usually hand made. It also has a more muted color pallet. One downside is that you should not vacuum wool rugs. Most require you to hang them outside on a laundry line and beat them. Making wool rugs not very practical for apartment dwellers.

No matter what style of rug you are looking for, you’re bound to find the right fiber for your area rug budget if you follow the tips above!

Written by Amanda Hartley