Today, Violet writes:

I really need some tips for painting stripes in my living room. I’ve seen it done and it looks fabulous, but I am scared to do it myself! It looks like a lot of work, is there an easy way to paint stripes on a wall?

There aren’t any easy tips for painting stripes on a wall, but there are things you can do to make your job easier.  What I mean is that I can’t suggest a tool or method that will make it happen for you, but I can suggest some tips for painting stripes that will help keep you sane and make the project go smoother!

First of all, you can save time by using a laser level instead of a level to draw the lines on the wall.  I like using a laser level because it eliminates the need for me to draw the line up the entire wall. Instead I set the level back far enough that the line goes up the entire wall and then I place my painters tape. This only works though if you can stand on one side of the line.  If you are forced to stand in the middle of the line, you’ll block the laser and won’t be able to effectively place the tape.  In that case you’ll have to either use a pencil and mark off the line or go back to a regular level and a straight edge.

Second, use paintable caulking to seal the edges of the tape.  If your wall has any texture to it, even though you’ve put down good painter’s tape, the paint still bleeds through and causes and a blurry edge. To avoid this almost completely, use paintable caulking to seal the edge. Just grab a squeeze tube of caulking,but not the kind that goes in a caulking gun. The squeeze tube will allow you better control with how much caulking comes out.  All you have to do is squeeze a little bit on your finger and then spread that on the edges of the tape.  Make sure you smear the caulk evenly, so you don’t have any areas that are high or low. This will show up as an imperfection once you remove the tape.

Tips For Painting Stripes

Lastly, paint the wall the lightest stripe color. Don’t try to paint individual stripe lines one at time. Take the lightest color and paint a “base coat.”  If you make sure you always paint the lighter color first, then you won’t have to use primer on any newly painted oops spots. Trust me on this one, it happens more than people admit. If the stripes are thin, tape off the sections you want to remain that color. If the stripes are wide, tape off sections you want to stay that color and then paint the remainder the other color(s).

As I said before, these tips for painting stripes won’t make the job easy, but they should help make the project go a lot easier. Painting stripes can certainly be more work than just painting a solid color on the wall, but in the end it will be well worth it.  Painting, like any other home makeover project can seem overwhelming at first, but once it’s finished you’ll appreciate all the hard work you put into it, as you enjoy it for years to come!

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Written by Amanda Hartley