Inexpensive Kitchen Makeovers Under $1000

Full on kitchen makeovers are not for everyone.  First of all, they can cost a pretty penny. Second, of all they require you to be without the use of your kitchen for weeks or even months.  If you’ve ever wanted the look of a kitchen remodel without the hefty price tag or the lengthy wait, this is the article for you!

Here are five kitchen remodel ideas that will give your kitchen new life and you can do them all for under $1000.

#1 – Improve the look of your countertops: If you like the look of granite or quartz but not the price tag, check out a new product called Countertop Transformations.  You simply paint over your existing laminate countertop and then follow the four step process.  Countertop Transformations will take up approximately a quarter of our budget, but that is fine.  If you are looking for a less expensive option or you don’t like the multi-color look, then check out Rustoleum’s Specialty line. They have a paint specifically for laminate countertops and there are over fifteen colors to choose from and it costs under $30.

kitchen makeover

#2 – New backsplash: Another way to give yourself the new kitchen feel is to add a new backsplash.  If there isn’t much in the budget look at ceramic and porcelain backsplash tiles instead of natural stone, metal and glass.  Try accenting with the more expensive tiles and using the cheaper ones as your base. This will help spread the cost around as well as providing you with an attractive look.

#3 – Redo your kitchen floors: Depending on how much is left in the budget check out new flooring.  Since you’re trying to keep the budget down look into flooring you could install yourself first.  Checkout vinyl peel and stick tiles, vinyl planks or laminate flooring.   All three types are do it yourself friendly.  Peel and stick vinyl tiles are the easiest to install yourself but may require more subfloor prep then vinyl planks or laminate.  Peel and stick tiles range from under $.50-$2.00 a square foot.  Vinyl planks which require hardly any subfloor prep stick only to themselves are easier to cut then laminate, they range from $1.70 – $3.00 a square foot.  Laminate flooring also requires almost no subfloor prep as long as the floor is level and well secured.  Laminate has the largest price range starting at $.99 – $5.00 a square foot.  When it comes to flooring because of the large price jump it’s best to measure out your space first and do the math to what your budget will along per square foot.  That way you don’t fall in love something you can’t afford.

#4 Change the color of your kitchen: Don’t forget the easiest thing to change, your wall or cabinet color.  For the cost of a can of low VOC paint you can really change the feel of your space.  Use lighter colors for smaller spaces, with darker colors for a more dramatic look.  If you have a small kitchen consider painting your cabinets white, white really helps make a small space feel bigger.  I like choosing my wall color last, that way you can pick a color that helps bring together all the other elements of your space.

#5 Choose new accessories: Never underestimate the value of new kitchen accessories.  Just choosing a new color scheme can really help improve the look of your kitchen.  Try warmer colors for a more “homey” feeling.  Coordinate with color and shape to create a cohesive feel to your new kitchen.

Not every kitchen remodel has to break the bank.  These were just five simple projects you can do yourself to change the feel of your kitchen.  All without the help of a contractor or taking on a second mortgage.