Today Ella writes:

Dear Diva, I am having a major meltdown over the shades in my family room! For the last four months we have been involved in a renovation project that should have only taken one month to complete. I needed to have made a decision on the shades last week but I still just don’t know what to do. The window treatment consultant suggested using top down cellular shades. My question is why would I spend the extra money on these shades? Please help me!

Don’t worry Ella, we’ll get to the bottom of this situation and you will be on your way to choosing the perfect cellular shades in no time! Most people don’t realize how many options are available when you get custom window treatments, they also don’t realize how expensive all the options can be. I understand your frustration with getting the consultant recommended option when you could spend a little more and get top down/bottom up or spend less and get regular. It just boils down to how you will use your cellular shades.

I’m going to guess that the reason the consultant suggest the more advanced option was because you are trying to let light in while maintaining your privacy? Or are you are trying to obscure an unsightly view that you only see out of the bottom of your windows? If you hardly ever open those blinds anyways than it doesn’t make sense to spend the extra money on an option you probably won’t use.

However if you do use those blinds and you also want to raise the shade from the bottom of the window sill it would make more sense to spend the extra money to go with the top down/bottom up cellular shades. Both options are valid, the important question is which will you and your family use? Once you figure that out, you’ll be able decide which option to purchase.

Your window treatment consultant is probably trying to find the best option for you, they just may not be listening well enough to your needs. So to repeat what I said above, if you aren’t going to open the shades my recommendation is to get the regular controls. If you will use the shades and see no need to lift the bottom up then follow the consultants advice and go with the top down cellular shades. That said,  if you use the shades to let in as much light as possible get the top down/bottom up option.

Even though you won’t be opening the bottom of the shade very much a couple of inches does make a big difference to the amount of light that gets let into a room. Yes, it will cost more money, but it will give you the most versatility in the long run.

I’m sure that no matter which option you choice you will make the right choice for your new family room.  You just have to take it one step at time and examining which option is the most important will help you get closer to your finished family room!

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Written by Amanda Hartley