This time of year I can’t help but be reminded of the upcoming holiday season. And not just because I need to prep my home for incoming guests, rather because I get several emails from readers who waited until the last-minute to get things done! This year I figured I’d be a little more proactive and list the top five home makeovers for the holiday season. So don’t wait till the last minute, get started today!

#1.) Flooring – Now that we are all huddled inside seeking refuge from the new colder weather, one thing that does not go unnoticed is “grungy” flooring.  If you’re replacing the flooring yourself, allow plenty of time for flooring orders to come in instead of trying to do this last minute. Typically  special ordered flooring takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the store and manufacturer involved.

If you’re having the flooring installed however, be aware of long delays this time of year as installers can be busy.  Remember, having new carpet installed could easily take up to five weeks this time of year! This is also true for all other flooring types, so make sure you ask before you get the process started. Nothing is worse than having the old flooring removed and the new not coming in on time to replace it. Nobody wants to celebrate the holidays walking on bare wood subfloor!

Top Five Home Makeovers For The Holiday Season

#2.) Blinds – Easily one of the most ignored aspects of any home makeover.  After all the work that goes into making over the rest of the room, why put up the same old dingy blinds? Consider the new style of the rest of your room and then purchase new blinds accordingly.

There are blind styles available both online and at big box stores that are right off the shelf ready to go.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big change in a room with new blinds.  If you do go with a custom order, allow yourself plenty of time.  This time of year manufacturers can be backed up to 3 or 4 weeks for new orders!

#3.) Paint – The most inexpensive way to change the way a room feels. If you want to do something to makeover your home for the holidays, but don’t have a lot of cash, paint is the way to go.  Depending on the brand you go with, you can redo an entire room for less than $50 (I’m including the price of primer and a few supplies here as well).

#4.) Faucets – Just like with room paint, you can make a big visual impact by replacing the faucets in a bathroom or kitchen sink, especially in a neutral room.  You might not think faucets have a big impact on your space, but they help date a room instantly. And most people get used to their old faucets and don’t notice how much calcium or rust old faucets collect, which adds to the “old” feeling of an old fixture.  Changing out an old faucet might also help the room look cleaner as an added bonus.

Many faucet styles can be found at big box stores and online, just keep in mind how long shipping takes if it is a special order or from online.  This time of year things just take a little longer to get from point A to point B. Remember this, and it will save you a LOT of frustration.

#5.) Lighting – Just like faucets, old lighting instantly dates a space.  Take a brass chandelier with the amber colored glass shades hanging in someone’s dining room, for example. People have been looking at it for years thinking about replacing it, but it keeps being put off.  Well now is the time! Replacing old light fixtures will give any room a visual lift that will also be noticed instantly by holiday guests.

Just like faucets, light fixtures are readily available at big box stores, lighting stores, and online.  Just keep an eye on the calendar when you consider going with something that has to be shipped. Order early is the mantra to have here.

No matter what home makeover you’re doing to get ready for the holiday season, keep in mind the lead times for the product itself.  And if you have to hire someone to install it, by all means don’t schedule them to come out until after the merchandise arrives!  Otherwise if the product doesn’t come in when it is expected to, you will have to pay for the installers time even though you got nothing installed.  By thinking ahead you will be prepared for the holidays and save us both some stress!

Written by Amanda Hartley