Selling your home? Don’t forget to upgrade your window treatments to sell the house.

An easy way to make your home more attractive to potential buyers is to upgrade your window treatments. A lot of sellers upgrade everything else but forget to upgrade their window treatments. This can be be a big mistake for some buyers, especially if you have old grimy mini blinds.

Replacing those blinds

Replacing old blinds can be done in a snap. In today’s market people are looking to see more natural light, so don’t limit 3721092146_e8f22ea87fyourself with those old dusty mini blinds. They hardly let anything in. Replace them with today’s alternative 2″ faux wood blinds. They are attractive and they let in double the amount of light as mini’s. They are very popular right now, and can be found at great prices,  especially if your sizes fall between 17″-72″ wide and aren’t any taller than 72″. You can buy those at home improvement warehouse near you and even have them cut the width to fit your windows for you. Most places don’t adjust the length for you though. But in most cases if you can read directions and are handy, as well as the time and patience you can do it yourself.

If your blind sizes don’t fit in that range then consider custom made blinds. Just remember, custom blinds take time to be made, so give yourself at least three weeks for custom orders.

Blind replacement cost

So what about cost? Every company has a starter price group that while are more expensive than stock blinds, aren’t as astronomically priced as the top of the line. The great thing about custom blinds is that they are made exactly to your size, so you won’t have to shorten the length like you will for those in stock blinds.  If your price conscious look around at who has the best deal. A lot of window treatment companies offer promos every couple of months. Bali and Levolor for instance, are two great brands that provide a good value. Often, they are well priced too, you just need keep your eyes open.

Written by Amanda Hartley