Yesterday I shared some information on a really effective wood stove called the Hearthstone Heritage Wood Stove. With winter coming on so cold these days, now more than ever making sure our homes are heated effectively felt more critical than ever. After all, wood is a little more doable should one with electric heat end up with a power outage.

Today the stove I wanted to introduce to you is a little different that the wood stove from Hearthstone. The wood stove to be featured in this article is one that boasts one important feature that you would not want to be without come a sudden power outage. This wood stove is called the Vermont Castings Resolute Acclaim Wood Stove and it provides for a cooking surface on the stove itself. Talk about a real blast from the past! But let me say this for it, come a power outage and the realization that your conventional stove is one using electricity, this can be a huge life saver.

Vermont Castings Resolute Acclaim Wood StoveWhat are some of the features with the Vermont Castings Resolute Acclaim Wood Stove?

Convenient top and front loading
Leg levelers
• Pull-out ash pan
• Polished cooking griddle
• Reversible flue collar
• Choice of Classic Black or four enamel colors.

Optional features include:

•Outside air kit
• Custom sparkscreen for open door fire viewing
• Handy warming shelves with mitten racks
• 6 inch cast iron flue collar

Providing up to a nine hour wood burn time for this wood stove, plus the 40,000 BTUs/hr, it’s easy to see why the natural choice for a wood stove that also provides a cooking griddle would be the Vermont Castings Resolute Acclaim Wood Stove.

The biggest problem I see with the Resolute Acclaim wood stove is selecting one of the colors. I mean, it’s not like all of the wood stoves come in black you know. And if that isn’t enough for you, there are also a number of useful accessories available if you should be interested. The most popular among them being the custom sparkscreen option.

Written by Amanda Hartley