Imagine a high-end shower head that not only provided for better water usage, but even went so far as to provide a “better shower” overall. Sound unlikely? Think again. Thanks to a great product called the Victorian TempAssure 17T Custom Shower System from Delta, those who have this shower system installed will be able to enjoy a luxury shower faucet without the water expense as a burden. So what is the real advantage to using this kind of bathroom setup for your shower? Check this out.

–  Using H2Okinetic technology, the Victorian TempAssure 17T Custom Shower System provides you with larger water droplets and a denser spray to give you a drenching feeling while actually using less water than a normal shower.

– The water savings realized is substantial. What feels like a 2.5 per minute shower flow rate is actually only 1.5 in actual usage. Water conservation, anyone?

– With a 36% savings on water usage, this shower system helps you to have a fantastic shower experience without having to feel like you’re still covered in shampoo and soap once you step away from the shower head.

– Custom-like options to fit just about any bathroom setup. Wall elbow/hand shower, body spray fixture and/or shower head. The 17T Custom Shower System has plenty of great choices to work with.

Victorian TempAssure 17T Custom Shower System

As one might expect, pricing can start as low as $57 and climb up into the hundreds of dollars fast, depending on what you are looking for. If you’re planning on redoing all the shower fixtures in your existing shower, there is immediate value in going with as much integration as possible. The idea is to go with the integrated jet module for the body spraying shower jet built into the controls instead of getting it separate. Doing this also translates into less plumbing.

Regarding the trim or materials selected for the new 17T Custom Shower System, that is really a matter of individual preference. With three trim styles and four finish options for creating the ultimate 17T Custom Shower System experience, the one constant is that you’re able to choose from some amazing looking shower system choices. Functional, elegant and worth every penny. One thing is clear, Delta appears to be meeting the needs of those looking for a decent shower, while helping their customers to save on their water bill.

Written by Amanda Hartley