Today Amelia writes:

I need some help with the upcoming winter. Here fairly soon, we are going to be seeing snow. And this means I will have to tolerate the usual East Coast cold winters and dark, gloomy days. Even when the sun is sort of shining, I want window coverings that give the interior of my home a bright, summer-like feeling. Is there anything out there in the window covering world that might be able to provide me with any of this?

Amelia, today is your lucky day. After doing some thinking, I remembered a particular shade that fits most windows that I believe will foot the bill nicely. Might I suggest, Vignette Traditional Shades. A roman shade to be precise, Vignette Traditional Shades are attractive and very easy to use. Available in 94 combinations, going with Vignette Traditional Shades has a lot going for it. Here is a feature list for you to consider.

– Clean and contemporary. Best suited for contemporary home environments, Vignette Traditional Shades are made with high quality fabrics that put them into a class all their own in contrast to other roman shades available on the market.

– Light control. Because not everyone wants blackout shades or roman shades that let in too much light, Hunter Douglas Vignette Traditional Shades are available in three light control choices to meet your needs.

Vignette Traditional Shades

– Up or down, you’re in control. With a choice of two corded options and one cordless, you can select the design that is best for you. Retractable cord, continuous loop or just plain cordless.

– Let the motor do the work. Wired and wireless motorized shade control options are available. This is perfect when using shades that might otherwise be considered out of reach by hand.

– Better R-value for your windows. Remember asking about a shade that would make the place feel “more summer-like” during the cold winter months? How about a shade that does this by preventing the heat from escaping while allowing in just enough light to make the room feel inviting?

And there you have it. While you will be tasked with finding the right color to match your room decor, the really hard stuff is already done for you. And because of the way this roman shade handles light while maintaining the room’s ambiance, I think you will agree that Hunter Douglas Vignette Traditional Shade are a smart choice when trying to brighten up a cold winter.

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Written by Amanda Hartley