Usually when I think of wallpaper, I think of elaborate wallpaper designs and floral prints. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Wallpaper these days has come along way from what most of us grew up with or found in our grandparents homes.  You can find designs in just about any style and attitude these days.

For example, I love whimsical wallpaper!  And I don’t think you can find one more whimsical than Aimee Wilder’s Robots.  Available in three colors: one is in  blues, another pinks, and the last a mix of purple, blue and green.  This wallpaper will surely lighten up any space.  Perfect for kids rooms, rec rooms or even the home office.  Check out Aimee Wilder’s wonderful robot wallpaper design!

Wallpaper With Attitude

Another company who makes wallpapers will attitude is Flavor Paper. Flavor Paper has some really outrageous designs. Just check out the Funky wallpaper category to see what I mean.

From wallpaper with cherries to bananas, over to elaborate designs that only look like traditional floral(s), Flavor Paper is jam packed with attitude. My favorite wallpaper is Flower Power. It looks like the traditional floral until you get a little closer look and see the light bulbs mixed into the design.

As you can see, this definitely isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper. Today’s wallpaper can be used to express attitude and funk!  The next time you’re thinking of painting a focus wall for a new room design, consider putting up some fresh and hip wallpaper instead. Wallpaper can add interest to a wall while also providing a great conversation piece, especially when you find one with the right twist of attitude!

Written by Amanda Hartley