Today Alice writes:

Dear Diva, we are trying to decide on the best lighting for our newly remodeled kitchen. Unfortunately, I hadn’t anticipated all of the choices that would be available to me and am now feeling rather overwhelmed. Diva, what is the best kitchen lighting choice for a newly remodeled kitchen? Help and thanks!

Well Alice, as you have discovered, with great choice comes great responsibility. The responsibility of selecting the kind of lighting that is not only going to translate into a kitchen space you can cook in, but will mean a better sense of visibility within the kitchen itself. The tricky part however, is finding lighting that is not only going to meet with your style expectations, but also ensure the kind of lighting performance you’re looking for as well.

To get you started, let’s begin looking at the different lighting styles that are available. Now I am not talking about the finishes, rather the shapes and positioning instead.

What Is The Best Kitchen Lighting

Flush mount lighting

Considered the most common in most homes, especially those that are newer. Flush mount lighting provides you with decent illumination without a huge price tag. And because of its nature of light being shown through glass, you can alter the hue of the illumination with the glass you happen to be using. In addition to this, you are also able to use a lighting plan (most big box stores can help here) to make sure you are getting enough light throughout the kitchen itself.

Island lighting

Now if you are in a kitchen where you have an island, you’ll want to make sure that you’re looking into decent lighting here as well. Aptly called Island Lighting, the choices here generally fall into either pendant lights or some kind of chandelier lighting.

Track lighting

Often stereotyped as a dated concept overall, the fact is that track lighting doesn’t have to make the kitchen look retro. There are actually a number of great options that can work really well from a modern look to a more casual, traditional design. Generally speaking though, you’d want to have the track lighting with whatever matches up with your kitchen decor.

Which is the best option for kitchen lighting?

When in doubt, stick with flush mount lighting, while trying to match the style and theme of the new kitchen remodel. And if necessary, you can also go with some matching track lighting over heavy work areas within the kitchen itself. Hopefully this gives you a good place to start.

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Written by Amanda Hartley