Today Laura writes:

Dear Diva, I don’t understand what reclaimed wood flooring is and why it is so great.  Please enlighten me! What’s the big deal?

Why is everyone talking about reclaimed wood flooring?  Because it’s a great way to add value to your home and makes great eco-friendly flooring for your home.  Reclaimed wood flooring is made from wood that would have normally be thrown away. Reclaimed wood is from pulled from old barns, factories and other buildings around the country.   Then it is re-purposed and given new life as hardwood planked flooring. It can also be cheaper than going with the cost of hardwood flooring purchased elsewhere.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

It is sanded and refinished with eco-friendly finishes.  Reclaimed wood flooring is often hand scrapped and finished.  Given a truly unique look.  Here is a video that explains the process as well as one companies commitment to living green:

There are a number of companies out there who’s job is strictly eco-friendly flooring options and reclaimed wood. Locating them is a click away, you just need to watch for them on your preferred search engine or even from links elsewhere. Locating the right reclaimed wood flooring is only a browser trip away!

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Written by Amanda Hartley