Today, I received the following Diva question about window treatments to block out the sun:

Dear diva, I am at my wits end. I need to find some sort of window treatments that are able to do a suitable job at blocking out the sun but am not having a lot of luck? Can you give me some ideas to help me get started?

Actually I do have some thoughts. To start with, consider window film, which is probably the most inexpensive. It can be in purchased with a variety of features as well.  You can even get film that will control glare, give you privacy, tint the light, block the heat or a combination of controlling glare and blocking heat.  They also prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture or fading your flooring.  Just be careful that you won’t void your manufacturers warranty by using them on your windows.  Most can’t be used on new energy efficient windows like Low E. Window film is used in many areas of the home and has commercial uses as well.  While you might not think that this sounds all that eye pleasing, realize that this is merely something to help block the light. The actual window treatment is highlighted next.

window treatments to block the sun

Think shades – Instock Solar shades that is!
Solar shades can be found at local big box hardware stores can also fit the bill. When purchased as an instock shade this also an inexpensive option.  Be careful though, as some are only good on keeping glare down and cutting down harmful UV Rays – hence the mention of using the film previously.  These solar shades basically look like a heavy duty window screen, often in brown, white, cream or black. They are prefect for areas where you want to still be able to see out your window towards a view, but needs something to protect your furnishings.  Often times used in offices to cut down on the computer glare, tv rooms, or formal living spaces.

Go custom – custom solar shades! Custom solar shades ordered at big box home improvement stores, specialty shops and online can be pricey.  It all depends on what type you are looking for.  These shades are offered in larger sizes and have more options available to you, the consumer.  Some are “screen like” and help protect against UV, and Glare — something often lacking with the instock option.  Custom solar shades are offered cordless and with cord control for maximum control.  Other custom solar shades are made out of Mylar and reflect heat, reduce glare and reduce light.  They are often long term options because of the price, but are offered in a gamut of colors and patterns.  The nice thing about window shades versus the film is that the solar shades won’t void any window warranties.

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Written by Amanda Hartley