Today Tammy writes:

I am really lost here Diva. Looking to try and revamp my bathroom with something less modern feeling. Ideally, it’s the vanity I’d like to replace and go with wood bathroom vanity design of some sort. Do you have any wood bathroom vanity design ideas that I might look into?

Well Tammy, it sounds like you’re ready to move beyond a modern bathroom and into something with more of a classic wooden feel. Specifically to the point of the vanity, I would say your options are actually without many limits. In other words, you have plenty of choices.

Wood Bathroom Vanity DesignHere are some common examples of wood bathroom vanities to choose from.

Antique Bathroom Vanity. Fits a single sink, provides for a solid color surface and comes with an easy to clean surface. The design and curves, indicate a classic antique wood vanity.

Imported Wooden Bathroom Vanity. In this example, we have an oak wood vanity which fits a single sink. The counter portion of the vanity if granite and this model is shipped from China.

Aqualine Wood Bath Vanity Set in Mahogany Finish. If high-end minimalist design is something you might be interested in exploring, then you might find the above linked Aqualine vanity inspiring for similar options.

Keep in mind that these are merely some of the styles of wooden bathroom vanities available. So take a look at these, find one style that really sings to you and hen let the Internet be your guide. So go on, do some research and see if there are other vanities to a type presented here that match what you’re looking for.

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Written by Amanda Hartley