Today Chris writes:

Dear Diva: I just saw your article on SnapStone snap together ceramic tiles and I was wondering if they make anything like that for outside spaces? I have a small patio I want to redo but I don’t want to hire someone to do it for me. SnapStone looked easy enough, even I could do it. Any guidance for an outside version is appreciated.

Chris you’re in luck! While SnapStone is not recommended for outdoors, there are a few of different companies that make snap together patio tiles that are! One such company I found through a simple google search is HandyDeck Systems. HandyDeck has three lines of interlocking deck tile: SwiftDeck, LinkDeck, and EzyTile.

Wooden Patio Tiles And Wooden Deck Tiles

Since you were interested in SnapStone, let’s talk about EzyTile first! EzyTile comes in Porcelain, Slate, Sandstone or Granite interlocking tiles. I haven’t had a chance to see these tiles in person, but they appear pretty impressive based on the images on the website.

The tiles are adhered to a plastic interlocking base and they just snap together when you install them. The best part is no grouting is required! And by leaving the grout joints ungrouted you are giving any water a place to go, so it will also help water from pooling and then becoming a slip hazard. These tiles can be installed over any smooth flat surface. Also the interlocking system is designed so that tiles can be taken apart and snapped together, which is great if you ever have to replace any tiles.

If instead you’re interested in wooden deck tiles, check out SwiftDeck and LinkDeck. SwiftDeck is made of Ipe wood and is considered the premium choice. Because Ipe wood is dense and hard-wearing it would work well in high traffic areas that are also exposed to extreme weather.  It comes in three different patterns, but only one color choice. If you’re looking for other color options, check out the LinkDeck line. It’s available in Teak and Rosewood. That said, there is only one pattern choice available.

No matter which of the two wood deck tile lines you chose, it’s important to note that both have the easy snap together installation and can separated , then put back together again and again. Neither of the tiles need grout or any sand type of filler in between the joints, allowing water to drain.

One last thing to mention is that all of the deck tiles I found online were easy to install and boosted only taking a couple of hours for installation. As well as the only tools that seem to be needed were saws. When they make installation this easy it gives you more time to enjoy your handy work!

Do you have questions about the selecting or the installation of: tile, carpet or wall treatments (window blinds, etc)? Then email me your tale of woe (diva(at) and perhaps I will be able to answer your questions right here at the Home Makeover Diva Blog!

Written by Amanda Hartley