Nothing is more daunting than a kitchen makeover.  There are so many things to choose from and so many decisions to make.  That’s why when my husband and I made over our kitchen two years ago we chose the first countertop we both agreed on.

Often when you are redoing a room in your home progress doesn’t start happening until you make the first decision, whether that be paint color, flooring, cabinet color or countertops.  You need something to help pull the rest of the room together.  Our something for our makeover was a Zodiaq countertop.

We were looking at all types of countertops: Vetrazzo, laminate, granite, Silestone, tile, and concrete.  And in every single category we both liked different colors.  I felt like we were never going to make a decision.  Then we walked into a Zodiaq countertop dealer and we both were drawn to the same color!

We choose Coriander from the Terra Collection.  The great thing about the Terra Collection is it is made from 25% post consumer recycled glass content.

This number is not as high as the Vetrazzo countertops, but considering we couldn’t agree on a color in Vetrazzo and the nearest dealer was over 200 miles away. Zodiaq countertops ended up being less expensive and better for our marriage!

After 2 years with Zodiaq countertops they still look brand new. It has endured well.   Basically a quartz countertop it is hard enough to withstand everything we dish out. Our Zodiaq countertop still has no scratches and looks great.  And I love that I don’t have to reseal it, like you do with some granite or marbles!

Zodiaq has been a great countertop and I love that it is low upkeep. It was a great find and really helped us bring the rest of our kitchen makeover together!

Written by Amanda Hartley